Benjamin Ryan’s Debut Novel, ‘Madame Eldridge’s Wayward Home for Unruly Boys’, Garners Recognition as a Distinguished Favorite

The NY Big Book Award has recognized Benjamin Ryan’s book, “Madame Eldridge’s Wayward Home for Unruly Boys”, as a Distinguished Favorite in the Teen category. This accolade follows the recent achievement of the book, hitting #1 on Amazon’s Teen & Young Adult Fiction category, addressing Boys’ & Men’s Issues.

“It’s thrilling that an idea—once nothing more than a writing challenge—has blossomed into something bigger than myself, my hopes, or my dreams,” said Benjamin. “This award validates the quality of my story-telling as much as the life and impact these characters have had on those who seek adventure and whimsy. The expanding success of this plot-twisted novel proves that writing still holds true magic.”

Nestled within the mysterious depths of Virginia’s backwoods, Madame Eldridges rulebound behavior program becomes a captivating backdrop for a group of unruly teen boys. As they cautiously navigate the whimsical 8 steps, bewitched artifacts are discovered in a forbidden third-floor bedroom—a room which holds an eerie secret. When Fibbsy stumbles upon a time-altering object, a riveting journey ensues. Bound by friendship and enigmatic forces, Fibbsy and his companions delve into a darkly magical exploration, uncovering the web of mysteries that intertwine with their own struggles and reveals the true purpose of the Wayward Home for Unruly Boys.

The competition, assessed by industry professionals including publishers, writers, editors, book cover designers, and copywriters, selects winners based on overall excellence.

“Our team is honored to highlight the excellence and achievements of a diverse array of authors and publishers,” said awards sponsor Gabrielle Olczak. “Their work represents a commitment to excellence.  It is our mission and privilege to continue to showcase their work in an international forum.”

This year, the competition saw an impressive global participation from places like Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America. The NYC Big Book Award witnessed entries from various cities and winners from countries like Austria, Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, England, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, and the United States.

The award also saw participation from renowned journalists, authors, and publishers. The awardees included Blackstone Publishing, Berrett-Koehler, Beyond Words, Casemate, Cinnabar Moth Publishing, Four Way Books, Fantagraphics, Greenleaf Book Group Press, Ideapress, Inner Traditions, Kogan Page, Ooligan Press, Riverhead Books, Rutgers University Press, She Writes Press, Story Monsters Press, Teacher Created Materials, The Wild Rose Press, and the White House Historical Association [2].

“We are extremely proud of Benjamin’s achievement for his debut novel,” said Tyler Wittkofsky, President & Publisher at Tea With Coffee Media. “His work captivates the magic and wonder of childhood, compelling us to embrace our problems. This is only the beginning for him.”

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