A Literary Extravaganza: Meet the Authors Kathryn Malcolm and Connor Irving at Povey @ Perry’s Art Supplies 

Get ready for an enchanting afternoon of literary wonder as Povey @ Perry’s Art Supplies hosts a book signing event featuring two remarkable local authors, Kathryn Malcolm, author of “The Shadow of the Scholar,” and Connor Irving, author of “The Salt of Angels Book 1: Pillars of Cloud.” This unique event promises an engaging Q&A session, book signings, and an opportunity to explore the imaginative universes crafted by these talented authors. 

Date: Saturday, November 4th, 2023 
Time: 3:00 PM 
Venue: Perry’s Art Suppliers, 109 East St, Southampton SO14 3HD 
Limited Capacity: Only 15 spots available 

Kathryn Malcolm, a passionate storyteller, has embarked on a journey that led her to the creation of “The Shadow of the Scholar.” Her vivid world-building, intricate plot, and relatable characters have captivated readers, making her a rising star in the Young Adult Fantasy genre. 

Connor Irving, with a love for myths and legends, transformed his passion into “The Salt of Angels Book 1: Pillars of Cloud.” His unique perspective on mythology and rich storytelling promise to immerse readers in a world of demons, magic, and misunderstood characters. 

Ticket Information: Tickets are presold by the venue for just £2 per person. Reserve your spot by calling +44 23 8033 9444 today, and don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to connect with talented local authors. 

Event Highlights: Join an engaging Q&A session with Kathryn and Connor as they delve into the worlds of their novels and conduct interviews on each other’s captivating creations. It’s an interactive discussion where you get to engage with the authors, ask burning questions, and discover the secrets behind their literary masterpieces. 

Book Purchases: A limited supply of books will be available for purchase at the event for £12 each. Get your copy signed by the authors themselves and take home a piece of literary magic! 

Don’t miss this chance to explore the art of storytelling with two talented authors. Secure your ticket today, mark your calendar for Saturday, November 4th, at 3:00 PM, and join us at Perry’s Art Suppliers. This is an event for book lovers that you won’t want to miss! 

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