Offensive Rebound: A Tale of Love, Basketball, Theater, and Mental Health

With the rising importance of mental health in society, a new novel, “Offensive Rebound”, written by Tom Pinney, is set to release on November 7th, 2023. This gripping and relatable story dives deep into the life of high school student John Wolfe, who is battling mental health issues in the midst of pursuing love, basketball, theater, and social standing.

John Wolfe, a popular student at a school in central New Mexico, was leading a seemingly perfect life. However, the shadow of depression didn’t care about his social standing and struck. As he navigates his senior year, John has to face the reality of losing his girlfriend Diana, the pursuit of the basketball coach, and the intrigue of a new student with her own secrets.

“Offensive Rebound” is not just a story, it’s a reminder that the essence of life is not what you do, but how you bounce back from adversities. This narrative, skillfully penned by Tom Pinney, is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Tom Pinney has a nomadic upbringing that exposed him to a wide spectrum of experiences. Despite exploring various career paths, Tom’s heart always yearned for storytelling. His personal journey with mental health issues is intricately woven into his stories, creating a colorful mosaic of characters, each battling their own mental health challenges. Now back in Fort Worth with his four-legged companion, Bowser, Tom is pursuing his passion for writing while also indulging in community theater, video games, and music

Published by Tyler Wittkofsky

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