Tea With Coffee Media Celebrates Four Wins at The BookFest Awards

Leland, North Carolina based Tea With Coffee Media is thrilled to announce the remarkable success of its publications at The BookFest Awards, where Madame Eldridge’s Wayward Home for Unruly Boys by Manhattan, New York author Benjamin Ryan secured second place in three distinct categories: Juvenile Boys & Men, LGBTQ+ YA, and YA Boys & Men. Additionally, The Shadow of the Scholar, the debut novel from Southampton, United Kingdom resident Kathryn Malcolm, claimed the third spot in the overall cover design competition.

“These awards highlight Tea With Coffee Media’s commitment to exceptional storytelling. Benjamin Ryan’s debut and Kathryn Malcolm’s debut showcase our dedication to diverse narratives,” said Tyler Wittkofsky, president and publisher of Tea With Coffee Media. “I have nothing but appreciation to our talented authors and creative team, including Victoria Moxley. We are immensely grateful for the reader and literary community’s support as we continue bringing extraordinary stories to life.”

Madame Eldridge’s Wayward Home for Unruly Boys, a captivating debut by Benjamin Ryan, unfolds in the mysterious backwoods of Virginia. The novel follows the unruly boys navigating Madame Eldridge’s enigmatic rules, bewitched artifacts, and a forbidden third-floor bedroom concealing a dark secret. As the boys grapple with magic’s consequences, they forge an unlikely friendship, unveiling the truth behind the Wayward Home.

“The expanding success of this plot-twisted novel proves that writing still holds true magic. I wrote this book in 5 1/2 days as a challenge, never intending for anyone to see it,” says Ryan. “It’s amazing how life has had different plans. This award validates the push to make a career from of the stories that grow within me. It breathes life into the characters that have had an impact on many of my readers who seek their own personal acceptance in this world filled with mystery and whimsy.”

In The Shadow of the Scholar, Kathryn Malcolm weaves a tale of deceit, desire, betrayal, and power. Saiyah, a half-demon concealed in the mortal world, faces a pivotal choice on her 18th birthday. Malcolm’s debut novel explores Saiyah’s journey into a hedonistic world of occult practices, lavish parties, and secret libraries, unraveling the mysteries of her demonic powers, her mother’s murder, and an unsettling Elizabethan occultist.

“I am absolutely delighted with this result, especially as this is my first published novel. In the enchanting world of fantasy, every detail holds the key to unlocking the imagination,” said Malcolm. “I’m thrilled to be awarded 3rd place for the front cover of my book: a gateway to the magical realms within its pages. This recognition is a testament to the talent of the designers’ and ability to realise my vision of a book’s first impression”

The success of The Shadow of the Scholar is not only attributed to Kathryn Malcolm’s compelling narrative but also to the outstanding cover design by Robinson, Texas based Victoria Moxley, Tea With Coffee Media’s lead cover designer. The cover, which placed third in the overall competition, captures the essence of the novel’s themes and intrigue.

“Crafting book covers isn’t just about design; it’s about capturing the essence of the story and the author’s heart. I’m honored to contribute to the success of ‘The Shadow of the Scholar’ and grateful for the opportunity to bring Kathryn Malcolm’s vision to life. It was a chance to try a new style that I had never thought to attempt before,” said Moxley. “Cheers to Tea With Coffee Media, our talented authors, and the captivating narratives that continue to enchant readers worldwide. And thank you to the brilliant author that challenged me and allowed me to grow as a graphic designer.”

Tea With Coffee Media is delighted to share these accolades with readers worldwide. Both award-winning books, along with the entire catalog of Tea With Coffee Media, are available on major online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, and indie book sellers including Tea With Coffee Media’s website, Lazy Creativity, & Bookshop.org.

Published by Tyler Wittkofsky

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