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The Tea With Coffee Team:

Tyler Wittkofsky


Tyler Wittkofsky is a multi-genre author, podcaster, blogger, award-winning marketing and communications professional, and mental health advocate from the southern coast of North Carolina where he currently resides with his wife Grace and dogs Dutch and Belle.

His first novel, (Not) Alone, was based on true events surrounding the struggles of mental illness. The Seeds of Love: Sunflower Kisses Book One was his debut romance novel centered around a mentally ill young man. Tyler blogs on www.TylerWittkofsky.com and is the co-host on the Back Porch Parley podcast.

You can find him on social media and his work at https://linktr.ee/wittkofsky.

Kelsey Anne Lovelady

Vice President of Publications

Kelsey Anne Lovelady was born in Billings, Montana and grew up in Bozeman. At fifteen her family moved to Shawnee Mission, Kansas. She stayed there from her Junior year of high school up until she graduated from Johnson County Community College with her Associate of Arts Degree in Arts and Science. She graduated from the University of Wyoming with her B.F.A. in Musical Theatre and her Minor in Writing. She published her first book, “STAFROGED: Orion” on the day she graduated, and is in the process of rewriting it. She has also dabbled in writing for the theatre with her 10-Minute Play “How Are You?”, which was produced by the True Troupe of Cheyenne as part of their 2019 Wrights of Wyoming Playwrighting Festival.

Kelsey also writes for the online literary magazines “In The Pantheon” and “In the Crescent

She can be reached at: loveladynovels@gmail.com

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Aaran Jolly

Vice President of Operations

Aaran Jolly is a 9-year Navy Vet, having spent most the first decade of the century on active duty. He grew up in the Pacific Northwest, giving him a love of the mountains that he gets to enjoy daily view of as he now lives in Colorado. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Security and a Master of Business Administration that he was awarded after the Navy. He is one of our Vampires, having porphyria. Vampiric myths with their sun weakness are based upon this illness.


Victoria Moxley


Victoria Moxley is many things.

Currently, she’s working on a horror/supernatural romance about demon hunting twins, a zombie apocalypse novel, a YA fantasy novel, and several short story collections. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s also working as a pharmacy tech, editing novels, designing covers, and doing some beta reading for good measure. Because being a Domme and nerdy gaming goth girl wasn’t fulfilling enough for her. Oh, and we can’t forget her contributions over at InThePantheon.com as the scribe for Aphrodite and as an assistant editor. She can be found in twitter at @daleksndemons and on her website at victoriamoxley.com.

She is a former prison sergeant that’s been writing for the voices in her head since 2000. Most of her writing can be found on various platforms and blogs. If she’s not writing, she’s gaming, making graphics/gifs, or building mods to bring the worlds of books and gods to Skyrim.

Fun Fact: She can wrangle mice, rats, snakes, and scorpions. The only thing she’s deathly afraid of is geckos. Yes, those creepy little pink guys. They send her screaming and crying. (Flying is also terrifying, but she can easily avoid that. Geckos are far too common in Texas)

Vervain Moxley


Vervain Moxley has been a fan of writing for years, mostly delving into writing fanfictions for herself and others who may enjoy them. She was always fond of making stories, especially around the supernatural. She is an Eclectic Pagan witch who practices in their day-to-day life, has an addiction to coffee and enjoys creepy and scary things. She also has a fondness for wrestling, gaming and makeup, including horror SFX.


Cora Hanson


Cora Hanson is an animator and illustrator born and raised and currently residing in San Jose, California. She has been drawing for as long as she could hold a pen and make marks on paper. In 2017, Cora graduated from the Academy of Art University and has since worked on several professional projects, holding various roles in animation production. Working in so many positions has led Cora to be very adaptable, able to readjust her current skills and quickly learn new ones for whatever is needed on any given project. She is constantly working to expand her knowledge, seeking new information or exploring new techniques to help improve her work. Cora enjoys working with others and tries to be as helpful to those around her as possible. Along with her freelance art, Cora regularly streams a variety of things on her twitch channel and has dabbled in voice acting, writing, and video editing. She currently wants to work more with 3D art and is interested in game design.





Uresh Nirman


From Sri lanka, Uresh first started designing with vector graphics in 2018 when he was 16 years old. He wanted to start a stock footage selling website and when he was learning relevant things in 2019, he learned about animation softwares and started working with them. Then he worked on several free lancing platforms as an animator until 2022.


Natalie Bartley

Remaking the Sorceress: Titan of Light Book One

Natalie Bartley is a Canadian Adult-Fantasy author. Natalie has been writing for most of her teenage and adult life but started publishing those stories in December 2019 with her first book, Love and Pain in Zion. Natalie’s faith as a polytheistic witch leads her to many storylines involving the gods which surround her. She lives with her partner and stepson in Bowmanville, Ontario and is also completing her clergy status with the Correllian Nativist Tradition. They hope to one day open their own Pagan store together

Clarissa Cottrill

Remaking the Sorceress: Titan of Light Book One

Clarissa R. Cottrill is a horror and literary fiction writer born and raised in West Virginia. Her Appalachian roots, love of literature, and complicated history with mental health are all woven into her writing — including the upcoming novella Cafe Vengeance. In addition to writing, Clarissa co-hosts the millennial lifestyle podcast “30, Dirty, & Dying”.

Nieya Glen


Nieya Glen is a non-binary author who writes for the love of beauty and hope. They are the neurodivergent mother of two children, who assure them they don’t know enough about their mother to help write this bio. Nieya has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and a lifetime of experience as an actual human. They are from San Diego, California and currently long to go back there.

K Kalor

Dawn of Humanity: Generations of Humanity Book One

Kaitlyn Kalor is a 9-year Navy Vet, having spent most of the first decade of the century on active duty. She grew up in the Pacific Northwest, giving her a love of the mountains that she enjoys daily viewing as she now lives in Colorado. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Security and a Master of Business Administration that she earned after the Navy. She has the weaknesses of Vampires, having porphyria. Vampiric myths about their sun weakness were based upon this illness. She is also a Transgender author.

Ruby Marley

The Lost Maidens

Ruby Marley started writing erotic stories and fiction when she was eighteen-years-old. When her stories started gaining attention on the internet, she realized this was a career that was made for her. She began honing her craft, improving her skills with every passing year. In 2018, she started sharing her work with the world again, this time in the form of audio scripts on the subreddit GoneWildAudio. Now, she’s back in her element and writing stories.

Jessie Sadler

Desert Siren

Jessie Sadler is the Blizzard Queen. Hailing out of Winnipeg, she has been known to freeze her butt off during the frigid winters. She spends that icy season filling notebooks with ideas, stories, and characters who have a tale to tell. With some reluctance, she stepped out onto the thin ice of sharing her work publically. The ice cracked, and she was plunged into a new world.

She brought her first characters to life, writing in a literary magazine, InThePantheon.com as Khione, the Goddess of Snow. Jessie takes pride in bringing her characters off the page and making readers feel emotionally connected. Since the first plunge, she has had some poems published, and a blog filled with her short stories and musings.

Destiny Swallows

The Lost Maidens

Destiny was kidnapped and forced to write this at writer point by Ruby. Having wrote privately for years, Ruby convinced her friend to share her work with the world. She’s traveled around the world, seeing far off places that inspire the worlds she writes.