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June 21st, 2022
Generations of Humanity Book 1:
Dawn of Humanity

Kaitlyn Kalor

Thousands of years after their planet’s ruin, the Anunnaki and Titans led by Sky Lord An find their way to planet Earth. When this reptilian species lands on Earth, they discover a connection to their powers only described from the days of Olympus.

Sa-Tan Enki led a team of Annauki on a mission and set out to create a race of beings that mixed humanity with immortality. However, some of the Titans led by Chronos are unhappy with the creations. What happens when Chronos seeks revenge upon his brother Enlil? To cleanse the new planet of the bastard race, the Titans revolt against the newfound Olympians. Find out what happens in the first book of Generations of Humanity: Dawn of Humanity.

July 21st, 2022
The Lost Maidens
Ruby Marley
Destiny Swallows

Alva and her wife Lise are on a mission to lead the sassy Princess Kaitlyn to a new land to combine her clan and a new clan by way of marriage to their chief’s son. Standoffish, the two quickly draw a disdain for one another unmatched by Thor and Loki’s. However, when a storm rocks their world and capsizes their boat, Alva and Kaitlyn are tasked with exploring not only a new world, but also their newfound desires for one another.

When the pair comes across a village hidden in the cold Canadian arctic, they embark upon creating a new life with these native people. As they become one with the Inuit, how will these shield maidens prepare for their biggest threat yet?

Will Alva be able to find Lise in their new village? Or will she seek comfort in the arms of Kaitlyn? Will the shield maiden’s be enough to protect the village from frost giants? Find out in The Lost Maidens!

August 23rd, 2022
Titan of Light Book 1:
Remaking the Sorceress
Natalie Bartley

September 20, 2022
Broken Wings
J.A. Curtis

October 25, 2022
Permanent Reminders
Kelsey Anne Lovelady

November 15, 2022
Kelsey Anne Lovela

December 15, 2022
The Principal’s Principles
Tyler Wittkofsky