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September 19, 2023
Stem and Stone
Jessica Ferrara

When a mysterious tunnel opens into their bedroom, the shadows of a dark underworld creep into the lives of Icelandic orphans, Petra and Emil. Their curiosity lures them into an eerie realm where humans are spellbound and stripped of free will.

Unaware of the present danger, Emil makes a dire mistake. His fate hangs in the balance—damnation or death. Petra confronts the cold queen who hexed her brother, begging on his behalf. Unmoved, the queen offers terms, demanding the delivery of three perilously located treasures. Petra agrees at once, venturing into the unknown. If she triumphs, Emil will live free.


October 01, 2023
(Not) Alone: 2nd Edition
Tyler Wittkofsky

October 10, 2023
afe Vengeance
Clarissa Cottril

In ruthless New York City, Dane Roman, an ambitious entrepreneur, risks his very soul for success. He exploits a deceased tenant and desecrates the corpse to orchestrate a catastrophic event for wealth. His dreams of celebrating with his girlfriend, Pilar, are shattered when Café Vengeance, embodying his desires, introduces unimaginable horror.

Guided by an eerie quartet and a cryptic waiter, Dane faces judgment for his tainted soul in a macabre ballet of his own creation. Café Vengeance is no ordinary place; it’s a purgatory where Dane must atone for his sins before a greater darkness emerges. Can he find redemption or face eternal torment?

Inspired by Dante’s “Inferno”, this novella delves deep into mankind’s ancient fear—eternal damnation. With each page, it pulls readers into a nightmarish modern day underworld, in an unforgettable tale of horror.

November 7, 2023
Offensive Rebound

Tom Pinney

John Wolfe was living a great life in the central New Mexico town of Edgewood – top of the acting club and choir, great friend group, dating the head cheerleader. But depression doesn’t care about what your life looks like; it just strikes. After plenty of therapy, John came out to the whole school and told everyone what happened, gaining popularity but losing his girlfriend Diana in the process. Now, as John enters his senior year, he faces the challenge of returning to his comfortable level of recognition as the basketball coach pursues him, his ex-girlfriend tries to get him back, and a new student comes into the picture with a secret of her own. A story of love, basketball, theater, and mental health, Offensive Rebound reminds us that what matters most isn’t what you do; it’s about how you bounce back.

January 16, 2024
Light Step

Jessica Ferrera

February 6, 2024
Monster Lovers Anonymous Book One: First Meetings
Victoria & Vervain Moxley

February 27, 2024
Misaligned Myths Book One: The Trials of Aphrodite
Victoria Moxley

March 12, 2024
The Principal’s Principles

Tyler Wittkofsky

April 23, 2024
Where All Things Flatten
John Mauk

June 4, 2024
Cougars & Huskies
Destiny Swallows

June 18, 2024
Broken Pencils
JR Rice

July 29, 2024
Rebecca MacLean

September 19, 2024
Time & Tide: Enamored Echoes Book Two
Tyler Wittkofsky & Kelsey Anne Lovelady