As a small indie press focused on returning the power to the authors, our primary goal and service is to publish as many authors as possible to allow their stories to be told to the world. Once manuscripts are reviewed and accepted by our team, we will handle all things in the publishing process for you, including line editing, book formatting, cover design, marketing, publishing, and distribution of your book.

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Editing Services

Are you finally finished with that rough draft you’ve been working on? Ready to put the finishing touches on it? Let us help you.

Our editing service provides our complete and undivided attention to your manuscript. We offer several editing services to provide options for all stages of the writing process and budgets.

Our services include feedback on plot, structure, flow, character development, and the wow-factor you have incorporated into your work. We will provide full line-by-line editing services, annotated manuscript, chapter-by-chapter analysis.

Proofreading service includes a thorough sweep of the manuscript to ensure any errors are corrected. This type of editing checks for basic spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Copy Editing service includes a basic proofreading service as well as a more in-depth look at sentence structure and makeup, flow, character development, and overall readability of the story.

Line Editing services include both proof and copy editing services. This is the most in-depth package, as it will dive into a comprehensive overview of the plot and structure. This package will come with minor rewrites of sections and deep line editing services.

Prices start at $500

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Cover Design

A professionally designed cover instantly conveys the essence of what your book is about. Our experienced team of professionals put together quality, eye-catching cover designs. Cover Design combines graphic elements, textures, and photo blending to create a scene evocative of your book’s content.

Fully customized full covers based on your stories’ theme, plot, and/or imagery. Our packages include unlimited graphics, images, and revisions as needed. Our design services include Front, Back, and Spine covers for hardback and paperback books as well as eBook covers to work with any publishing platform.

Prices start at $100.

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Marketing Packages

Authors hate to hear it, but it’s something we have to embrace: If you want to share your words beyond your immediate community, you have to actively promote your book. We tailor each book marketing service to your goals, your genre, and your skill level. Whether you’re starting from scratch or refining your current efforts, we’re here to guide you to better book promotion.

Services included in the marketing packages are: social media assessment and refinement (includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Goodreads, BookBub, and Amazon Author Central), book marketing planning, PR packages, press releases, author website creation, sell sheet and promotional materials, graphic creation, and more!

By Tyler Wittkofsky
By Tyler Wittkofsky
By Tyler Wittkofsky
By Tyler Wittkofsky
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