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The Bookaholics Podcast is a safe place for reading junkies who obsess over books, authors, bookstores, book news, and book trivia. You’re invited to nerd out with book reviews, author interviews, our habit, and other bookish things. Enjoy Interviews with those in the book business. Meet new authors. Explore curating your library with new genres and discover new authors. Revisit the classics with a twist. Your host Deirdre Pippins, also known as Ms. Media Content, is a board member for her local library, content creator, copywriter, and business owner. She has traveled extensively throughout the world because of the influence of books she’s read. Remember to subscribe to the podcast, follow us on Instagram @truebookaholic. You can also email us at Don’t forget to support your local library and independent bookstores. The Bookaholics Podcast “For those who can’t get enough of that bookish stuff.”

Mythology Manifest

The Mythology Manifest is a YouTube, Tiktok and Twitter page run by 19 year old, Connor Irving. It is a forum dedicated to exploring and explaining all manner of myths and legends around the world aswell as new tales and stories inspired or influenced by them in a way accessible accessible to all.

Scribble’s Worth Book Reviews

The safe-heaven for indie writers. A place where you get the best, most honest reviews, and the continuous support your book deserves, all coupled with a personalized and friendly costumer service. Discover more HERE and read their Testimonials HERE.

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