30, Dirty, and Dying

Did anyone else expect to be 30, flirty, and thriving at the big 3-0? So did Clarissa and Kourtney, longtime friends and hosts of the millennial podcast tackling life, death, and just getting through each day. From our cringe early 2000s social media posts to current opinions and mental health struggles, we’re getting real about what it’s like on this side of 30.

Bex Books & Stuff


The Bookaholics Podcast is a safe place for reading junkies who obsess over books, authors, bookstores, book news, and book trivia. You’re invited to nerd out with book reviews, author interviews, our habit, and other bookish things. Enjoy Interviews with those in the book business. Meet new authors. Explore curating your library with new genres and discover new authors. Revisit the classics with a twist. Your host Deirdre Pippins, also known as Ms. Media Content, is a board member for her local library, content creator, copywriter, and business owner. She has traveled extensively throughout the world because of the influence of books she’s read. Remember to subscribe to the podcast, follow us on Instagram @truebookaholic. You can also email us at Don’t forget to support your local library and independent bookstores. The Bookaholics Podcast “For those who can’t get enough of that bookish stuff.”

Creekside Chat with Sherri Hollister

Sherri Lupton-Hollister started writing soon after learning to read. She wrote her first romance in red ink at the age of ten. Her childhood dream of becoming a writer and having her own Brady Bunch nearly came true when she became the mother/stepmother to six sons.

Sherri shares her writing journey on her website and on social media. She is always happy to have followers, so check out her website or friend her on social media.

Indie Reader

IndieReader is run by authors and writers
FOR AUTHORS AND WRITERS. We provide proven, value-driven tools and services to help improve your book’s credibility and discoverability, making it easier for you to get it where it belongs: in front of readers.

Lazy Creativity

I am an author, UX designer academic advisor, art therapist, researcher, and designer living and working in MN. I have an interest in the power of creativity, including how we use creativity to change ourselves and alter how we look at and live in the world around us. I’m interested in using creative thinking and processes to solve complex problems.

My brand of creativity is little by little, piece by piece, mark by mark. It’s creating something, either tangible or intangible, even when I don’t have a lot of energy or time. It’s thinking about ideas and giving them permission to grow and influence how I operate, even if just for mere minutes in a day. I wanted to create a space that is solely dedicated to creativity and creativity resources. This website is a space to learn, grow, and celebrate all things creativity.  Together, we can make this space Our Creative Community. 

Matt’s Random Ramblings

Hey y’all I’m Matt I am an average YouTuber using my videos to give back to the community by doing interviews as well as fun collaboration videos with guests on various topics. I started my channel originally as an outlet to help with my PTSD but soon realized I could use it to give back and now here we are over two years later getting to meet and chat with some amazingly talented people. So pop in for a video and stay awhile.

Mythology Manifest

The Mythology Manifest is a YouTube, Tiktok and Twitter page run by 19 year old, Connor Irving. It is a forum dedicated to exploring and explaining all manner of myths and legends around the world aswell as new tales and stories inspired or influenced by them in a way accessible accessible to all.

Scribble’s Worth Book Reviews

The safe-heaven for indie writers. A place where you get the best, most honest reviews, and the continuous support your book deserves, all coupled with a personalized and friendly costumer service. Discover more HERE and read their Testimonials HERE.


WriteHive is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping writers achieve their goals. We have a variety of events and programs dedicated towards that purpose. We are run 100% by a group of dedicated volunteers passionate about providing opportunities to the writing community that are normally inhibited by financial means.

The Write Words Podcast

When we write, we can’t go wrong! A podcast about all things writing, with fortnightly episodes featuring a special guest. 

The Writing Wall Podcast

Since early 2019, The Writing Wall has been known as a source of support for indie writers & authors. 

The vision of giving back to both local and online writing communities drives The Writing Wall founder who calls NC home. Traditional writers from NC or with ties to the state are also welcome to submit information via social media to our team. 

The Writing Community Chat Show

When Christopher Aggett first thought about starting the Writing Community Chat Show podcast it was for one good reason. The Writing Community on Twitter had helped him more than he could have imagined when he reached out with indie author issues. However, after successfully publishing his debut novella he noticed how much valuable information was actually getting lost within the writing community hashtag. Not to mention if you wanted to have a book suggestion, you could get hundreds within hours and five-star books were getting lost among the vast sea of quality. So he thought how exactly can that be harnessed. The podcast idea was the most simple and most obvious.

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